Loyalty programme

Keep your customers coming back for more with SmartLOYALTY. It can be set up to receive currency or points-based rewards, allowing your patrons to both build points and redeem them. Loyalty tiers can also be set up.

SmartLOYALTY makes it easy to identify who your best customers are: it shows the customer’s name on invoice, sales statistics by customer, and more. Set up multiple, tailored promotional offers based on individual customer triggers/preferences. Add the ‘automatic discount’ feature, or set individual customer credit limits – SmartLOYALTY makes it all possible.  

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!

How does SmartLOYALTY work?

You can set up SmartLOYALTY based on points or value, both based on the amount spent. Every time your customer pays, their points will be logged and printed on the invoice.

You may also add loyalty tiers. Set ‘value spent’ targets in order to get a special discount for the tier, for example Silver (10% discount), Gold (15% discount), and Platinum (20% discount).