About Us - SmartSUITE


About us

SmartSUITE is the result of over 20 years of working in Africa in the fields of Mobile Telco, FMCG, Fintech, Payments and Software development geared at resolving the real problems entrepreneurs are facing. We are a pioneer in the next-generation, SME task-oriented software solutions.

A cornerstone of our success is the trust and close collaboration we have with our partners and clients. Their faith in us has allowed SmartSUITE to achieve fantastic growth, both for us and for them.

Years of dedication and hard work has established SmartSUITE as the partner of choice in this highly competitive market.

Our mission

To be the partner of choice and a source of pride for our employees and stakeholders.

Our vision

SmartSUITE aims to be your preferred provider of software solutions for the hospitality industry and the general retail market. 

In order to serve our African customers, we continue to grow our international presence, leveraging over 10 years of expertise to offer proven solutions and develop new products across 32 African countries.


Africa is our FOCUS

SmartSUITE is a leading African point-of-sale company providing Information Technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries. 

SmartSUITE provides point-of-sale and enterprise management solutions to restaurants, bars, taverns, fine dining, food delivery, fast food, casual restaurants, hotels and resorts, theme parks and casinos, institutional food service organisations and all kinds of retail, spaza, and DUKA environments.

SmartSUITE provides a powerful yet easy-to-use software and hardware solution.

Our solution helps businesses save time, increase efficiency, manage their needs more effectively, perform their day-to-day operations, and keep up with the fast-changing world.

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!


Business ethics

Ethical conduct and professionalism are at the foundation of everything we do at SmartSUITE . These principles help us build lasting relationships with our partners and customers.

We aim to earn our stakeholders’ trust and confidence by making communication clear, simple, and honest, as well as to hold everyone accountable for their actions.

We fight all aspects of corruption and operate only in the light of legal, ethical and professional business practises.



We believe in providing our customers with sustainable POS solutions that reduce the use of their resources and eliminate waste in their operations, delivering new value to our clients.

For our customers, this means reducing the use of paper, reducing operation times, increasing efficiency, and eliminating error.

At SmartSUITE we implement lean operations within every business division. We believe this will reduce our costs and benefit the planet.