SmartKITCHEN Easy order

Simplify and speed up kitchen orders

SmartKITCHEN monitors and sends orders to kitchen staff instantly. Fully customisable order display screens simplify order preparation, ensure order accuracy, and decrease the average time it takes to complete an order, whether it’s for a quick service operation, table service, fine dining or even for bars and nightclubs.

All orders are displayed on the screens, and you can customise order display such as colours, fonts, and size. Order time beeps when an order is sent/received/prepared/delivered. 

Our built-in AI will start tracking the time each dish takes from reception of the order to being picked up by the waitrons. It will then track how long it takes to deliver the order to the table. SmartKITCHEN eliminates fraud, as it tracks everything. 

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!


Manage your products and pricing, control purchase orders, suppliers and stock levels, as well as manage sales trends through reporting. 

Our smart backend solution allows staff to enter orders and purchases quickly and with ease. The intuitive UI helps avoid mistakes and assists in upselling, completing orders in record time.

SmartINVENTORY stores data from purchase orders (including multi-currency) and invoices, including unit and average prices of each item, items’ expiry date entry, and other costs such as customs. 

It also has a ‘reorder suggestions’ feature which allows for minimum and maximum reorder levels coupled with an automatic notification report. SmartINVENTORY indicates sales vs quantity received, as well as price variation warnings. The backend solution monitors theoretical consumption along with stock movement and wastage and inventory management. Plus, store recurring transactions and recall them when needed.

SmartINVENTORY screen, orders, transfer stock, stock take, receive po's, transfers, produce, barcode printing, contdown and reports.


SmartRESTO helps you keep detailed track of your ingredients inventory. Calculate portions as well as portion costs and additional waste, so that you know exactly how many ingredients you have left.

With its production management feature you’ll get automatic updates of how much production items cost (like sauces). Maintain menu item recipes with an unlimited number of ingredient items, and analyse menu item sales, costs and profits with user-definable reports. Record plate costs and cost percentages for each price level. You’ll get real-time updates of your inventory on hand, based on recipes.



Automatically converts your request list into a requisition or a purchase order

Barcode Printing

SmartPOS now allows for single or multiple item barcode printing. Retail stores can now benefit from barcode label printing, making stock take even easier and more convenient for you.

 Why settle with ordinary…when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!