Add to your revenue stream

Let your customers order and pay directly from any device, anywhere. You approve the orders and prepare them for collection/delivery or once payment is made. 

Customer information and order history is stored for easy retrieval: search using customer’s phone number, name, or an internal code. The caller ID feature instantly loads the customer’s file to speed up service. 

The one-step ‘Recall Last Order’ feature saves time, with automatic delivery charge on invoice and multiple addresses stored by the same customer. SmartDELIVERY also shows a map displaying delivery route to customer’s location. What’s more, extensive customer database functionality allows you to retain significant information on your clients. 

SmartDELIVERY displays dispatching and driver status, and pre-orders can be entered for any future date or time, which will automatically be sent to the kitchen without user intervention. SmartDELIVERY gives you the ability to manage and guarantee delivery times to increase customer satisfaction. Plus, it will give you delivery reports (sales by area, zone, best customer list, inactive customers, list of birthdays, and more). 

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!

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