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SmartSUITE is a leading point-of-sale company providing Information Technology solutions for the hospitality, retail and payment industries.

SmartSUITE provides point-of-sale and enterprise management solutions to restaurants, bars, taverns, fine dining, food delivery, fast food, casual restaurants, hotels and resorts, theme parks and casinos, institutional food service organisations and all kinds of retail, spaza, and DUKA environments.

SmartSUITE provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use software and hardware solution.

Our solutions help businesses save time, increase efficiency, manage their needs more effectively, perform their day-to-day operations, and keep up with the fast-changing world.

SmartRESTo Family of Devices


SmartRESTO will have you operating at peak efficiency and turning tables faster.  It’ll encourage your customers to come back again and again by helping your staff meet their demands – from ordinary requests to extraordinary orders.

Allows our POS to help your staff
to ring up menu items easily

SmartRESTO will have you operating
at peek efficiency

An interactive menu and
marketing portal

Monitor system sends orders to kitchen staff easily

Employee management and control

Loyalty programmes entice customers
to return to your establishment 


Take orders from your customers
straight from their devices​

Provides comprehensive Retail

Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution 



We offer technical support via Live Chat, email and phone, all day, every day.

Data entry

We provide data collection, data entry, processing, categorisation and validation.

App Development


Training and consultation

We understand the importance of receiving the right amount of training so you can capitalise on your POS investment.