SmartDISPLAY Digital Signage

Manage your digital signage with ease

SmartDISPLAY, a cloud-based digital signage solution, promotes extensive tech-based product features.

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Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!

Cloud-hosted signage software

The SmartDISPLAY digital signage software solution uses the cloud to upload and store content – making it easily accessible as well as easy to use. 

This means that there is no software or servers to set up and install, as well as no extensive training needed in order to get started. Essentially, you are in control and this means that you can manage your digital signage remotely.

Of course, we can also manage this for you.

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!


Run TV channels within your digital signage

Real-time video feeds enable picture-in-picture capability, meaning that you can run TV channels alongside your digital signage. Picture-in-picture allows you to play a smaller live screen within your running schedule, taking up a portion-percentage of the larger screen. This feature is ideal for those who would like to run important announcements, broadcast live news, or inform customers on weather or other updates while playing assigned schedules.

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!

Stable off-the-shelf technology

Stable off-the-shelf-technology means that media is delivered via standard-based Android media players to presentations that vary in size. 

Off-the-shelf technology solutions are aimed at addressing specific customer needs while still targeting a larger audience scope. Off-the-shelf technology is affordable as well as feature rich, which is ideal for businesses with a need for the latest in software offerings. It is also quick to deploy and easy to use.

Why settle with ordinary… when you can be EXTRAORDINARY!